Cliqz for Android and iOS: more performance and convenience functions

Under-the-hood optimizations significantly improve responsiveness. Cliqz Tab now displays additional news on request. Android users can enjoy a quick access bar, reader mode and customization options for Cliqz Tab.

Cliqz for Android 1.6.0

Björn GreifEditor

We released new versions of our mobile browsers. You can download Cliqz 1.6.0 for Android from Google Play. Cliqz 1.8.0 for iOS is available free of charge in Apple’s App Store. In addition to security and stability improvements, the updates introduce new features improving performance as well as usability.

Native implementation of search, history and favorites ensures better performance. These under-the-hood changes result in a noticeably faster responsiveness of the Android and iOS app. Cliqz for Android now shows you up to five result cards instead of a maximum of three: These five result cards are composed of three search results and – if available – two entries from your browser history. This will get you to where you want to go even faster.

Easier to use

The most striking new feature is the quick access bar, which appears above the keyboard. It allows you to directly access open tabs, history, and favorites. The same sections can be found in the overview, which you open by tapping the tab icon on the address bar. Here you can quickly switch between the different sections. Individual tabs can now be closed in the “Open Tabs” section by either wiping to the side or by tapping the x in the upper right corner.

In reader mode, you can fully focus on the text.
In reader mode, you can fully focus on the text.

The new reader mode induces an even higher level of convenience. It hides distracting elements of a web page so that you can focus on the text. The reader mode can be switched on and off using the icon to the left of the tab icon in the address bar.

More news and customization options for Cliqz Tab

If you like to read the latest news in Cliqz Browser, you will not only be pleased with the reader mode, but also with the option to display more news directly on Cliqz Tab. All you have to do is tap the small white arrow on the right side of the news box and additional messages will appear. This works both on Android and iOS.

If you don’t want to see any news on Cliqz Tab, you can now disable them in the general settings of the mobile apps, just like in the desktop version of Cliqz. The same applies to the shortcuts to your most visited websites on Cliqz Tab.

We have also revised the options for deleting the entire browser history and for clearing private data whenever you exit the browser. They can still be found in the privacy settings of the Android version, but are now more comprehensible.

Enhanced Android support

Another change is particularly interesting for owners of older Android devices who are not provided with OS updates anymore: From now on, Cliqz also supports Android versions under 5.0 Lollipop. However, you must have at least Android 4.1 KitKat installed on your phone to use the Cliqz Browser. In addition, we now support the 3D Touch function introduced with Android Nougat: press and hold the Cliqz icon on the home screen and a dynamic context menu will open.

On iOS it’s now possible to open links from other apps in the Cliqz Browser. For example, if you’ve opened an URL in Safari, you can easily send it to Cliqz via the share menu and open it. Unfortunately, this does not yet work with links in emails.

All the mentioned innovations together with Cliqz’ quick search make browsing a faster and more convenient experience. Our anti-tracking and other security features further make sure that your privacy is protected in the best possible way.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Share your opinion about the new features by simply dropping us a line on Facebook.