Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.25.2 (65.0.1+1.33.0)

Cliqz Browser release 1.25.2 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 65.0.1. A new notification box on Cliqz Tab informs users about important product news.

New features

  • We added a new notification box on Cliqz Tab to keep our users up-to-date on news related to the Cliqz browser or to talk about other important matters, like asking for their opinions: the survey we ran in the past weeks got thousands of responses! Thank you! We will carefully analyse the feedback and use it to further improve Cliqz. The notification box only appears when there’s something to say.


  • Cliqz got updated to Firefox 65.0.1 which brings various improvements and fixes.
  • Light and dark Cliqz browser themes have been polished: we’ve fixed many small issues across the themes. It’s like with every good face-lift: if you don’t notice anything but you enjoy looking at it, it worked.
  • Looking for current flight information? The Flight Status Smart Cliqz (shown to users who type “flight” plus a flight number into the URL bar, e.g. “flight LH 773”) now shows the respective time zones for departure and arrival locations.


  • We fixed the issue of users’ cookie management preferences (set in the Options menu) not being saved after browser restart.
  • For some of our users the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+T that restores the last closed tab did not work. This has been fixed.
  • In the About Cliqz window, missing links in the German version of the browser are in place again.
  • On Cliqz Tab the “Time Saved” statistic got reset to zero after some time in specific cases. This has been corrected.
  • Several reported cases in which the ad-blocking function blocked other content on websites were fixed.
  • Several small issues were fixed for the Cliqz Offers module, including an issue where an offer could not be removed reliably.

Enjoy safe and fast browsing with Cliqz. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

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