Cliqz for iOS 3.1.0 – Browse Even Faster and Safer

The latest update focuses on improving search and privacy: New features include the Automatic Forget Mode and Smart Cliqz results for weather and news.

Cliqz for iOS 3.1.0

Krzysztof ModrasDirector Engineering

With every monthly update we add some useful features to the Cliqz Browser for iOS. Cliqz for iOS 3.1.0 focuses on improving search and privacy. It also includes additional customization options and several bug fixes.

What‘s new?


  • Automatic Forget Mode – Automatically prevents adult content from being stored in your history
  • Weather and News Smart Cliqz – Weather forecasts and the latest news are displayed directly in the browser
  • News settings – Configure the news on Cliqz Tab as you like
  • Speed dial management – New option to remove unwanted top sites from speed dial

Automatic Forget-Mode for Even More Privacy

To make browsing easier for you, the Cliqz Browser usually remembers which websites you’ve visited. This makes it easier for you to return to those sites. But if you open a site in Forget Mode, it’s not stored in your browser history.

Sites with explicit content, such as porn sites, will even open automatically in Forget Mode to make sure they don’t end up in your browser history. Every time you enter a URL or open a link, the Cliqz Browser will automatically check if the page belongs to a list of 200.000 websites that host explicit content.

Smart Cliqz Provide Quick Answers to Everyday Questions

Smart Cliqz make your everyday life easier. Whether you are looking for current weather information or the latest news, the results will be displayed directly in your browser.

For example, if you enter “weather berlin” in the browser bar, a forecast graphic for the coming hours and the next five days appears immediately on top of the search results list.

With the News Smart Cliqz you can quickly get an overview of the most important news of the day. Just enter the name of your favorite news page in the browser bar and the Cliqz Browser will display the three most trending news in the search results list.

More Configuration Options for Cliqz Tab

From now on you can choose whether and how news are displayed on Cliqz Tab. Would you rather read news from UK media instead of US media? No problem! Simply select the news edition you want in the news section of the settings. Here you can also specify whether an image should be displayed for each news item or whether news should be shown on Cliqz Tab at all.

We also simplified the management of speed dial links on Cliqz Tab: Now you can unpin or remove sites from the speed dial by pressing and holding the speed dial link and then selecting the corresponding option in the context menu.

Feedback Is Always Welcome

Please let us know what you think of the latest improvements and if there’s something you would like to change in Cliqz for iOS. The development process is completely open and we always welcome constructive feedback!

The next release of Cliqz for iOS is scheduled for mid-January. The current development plan can be viewed at GitHub.

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Happy browsing with Cliqz!