Cliqz for Mobile: Send tabs, scan QR codes, download YouTube videos

Cliqz for iOS now supports Connect. On Android, the pairing feature allows bidirectional data exchange between your mobile device and Desktop PC. Other innovations include a built-in QR code scanner and quick access to the Video Downloader.

Björn GreifEditor

We’ve updated our mobile browsers. The latest versions of Cliqz for Android and Cliqz for iOS are now available for download in the Google Play Store and in the App Store. In addition to security and stability improvements, several innovative features were added: Cliqz for iOS now supports pairing via Connect, which has been available for some time for desktop and Android. On Android, you can now send tabs and links in both directions between desktop and mobile device. Additionally, we integrated a QR code scanner into our mobile browser and simplified the access to the built-in Video Downloader.

Cross-device data exchange without a user account

With Connect, you can easily connect your desktop and mobile browser by scanning a QR code. Unlike synchronization features in other browsers, Connect does not require a user account and data is not routed through a third-party server. Instead, we use a peer-to-peer method. This keeps your privacy and data safe. Once the devices are paired, you can easily send an open web page from your desktop to your mobile device. Right from the desktop, you can also initiate the download of a YouTube video to your Smartphone or Tablet (now including iPhone and iPad).

On Android, the latest Connect version introduces bidirectional data exchange: You can now send individual tabs or links from your mobile to your desktop browser. This comes in handy, for example, if you’ve discovered an interesting article on the go, but would rather read it later at home, enjoying the comfort of a larger screen.

Scan QR codes directly in the browser

QR code scanner in Cliqz for AndroidThe latest version of Cliqz for Android allows you to scan QR codes directly within the browser – without any additional app. If the code contains an URL, the corresponding page opens automatically in a new browser tab. Other QR code content will directly be entered into the search field and you can search for it immediately without manual input.

Currently, the built-in scanner supports only QR codes, but in the long run, it will also be able to read barcodes known from product packaging. That way, you can quickly access additional information to a scanned product.

Quick access to Video Downloader

Video Downloader icon on Android
Video Downloader icon on Android

Thanks to the built-in Video Downloader you can easily download YouTube videos in the Cliqz browser and watch them offline. So far, the feature was only accessible via the browser menu. Now, a download icon appears next to the browser bar when you open a YouTube page – and if a download is possible. A click on the icon opens a dialog where you can select the desired format and video resolution for the download. If desired, you can even only download the audio track of a video and save it as an audio file. This is great for music clips or concert recordings! The available download options can vary from clip to clip, depending on the resolution provided by YouTube or the copyright owner of the video.

Video Downloader icon on iOS
Video Downloader icon on iOS

The download itself starts by clicking on the chosen dialog option. On Android, the downloaded file can be found in the folder specified for downloads in the browser settings. On iOS, the file is automatically saved in the video folder of the Photos app.

All the mentioned innovations together with Cliqz’ quick search make browsing easier and faster. Our anti-tracking and other security features further make sure that your privacy is protected in the best possible way.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Share your opinion about the new features by simply dropping us a line on Facebook.