Tutorial: Make Cliqz Your Default Browser on Android

This step-by-step guide describes how to setup Google’s mobile operating system to automatically open links in the Cliqz Browser.

Default browser Android

Björn GreifEditor

Did you get a new Android phone or did you perform a factory reset on your device? Then Google Chrome is probably set as the default browser. Our step-by-step guide explains how to setup Cliqz as your default browser on Android.

  1. Open the Settings of your Android phone by tapping the corresponding icon.
  2. Tap on Apps. The naming may be slightly different, e.g. “Apps & notifications.”
Apps & Notifications
  1. Select Default apps (or the like). Depending on the device, you may find the option in a submenu that you can open via the three dots or the gear icon (usually to the top right of your screen).
Default apps
  1. Tap Browser app to open a list of choices.
Browser app
  1. Choose Cliqz Browser from the list.
Browser app list
  1. You’re all set! You have successfully configured Cliqz as your default browser on Android. This is also displayed in the “Default apps” menu under “Browser app.”
Browser app Cliqz

Alternative Ways

You can also reach the “Default apps” menu directly via the Cliqz Browser. After you have started Cliqz a couple of times, a message will pop up asking if you want to make it your default browser. Tap “Proceed” to be taken directly to the “Default apps” menu where you can select Cliqz as your “Browser app” as described above from step 4.

Cliqz as default browser

Another way to get directly to the “Default app” menu is to select the option “Make default browser” in the Cliqz settings. Then you just need to set Cliqz as “Browser app” as described above from step 4.

Make default browser

The default browser you choose greatly determines how vulnerable you are to fraud, for example. Make Cliqz your default browser now. This is the only way to fully benefit from its built-in privacy and security features such as the highly efficient phishing protection. Only then are links from other apps such as messengers or email clients automatically opened in the Cliqz Browser when you tap on them.