10 Browser Add-ons for Better Security and Privacy

Upgrade your Cliqz Browser with useful additional functions! The featured add-ons simplify the management of passwords, identities, permissions, and more.

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Björn GreifEditor

Since the beginning of the year, Cliqz for Windows and Mac allows Firefox add-ons. We present ten popular security and privacy extensions that add some useful features to the Cliqz Browser.

With HTTPS Everywhere and in-house developments such as Video Downloader, re:consent, ad blocker and intelligent anti-tracking, Cliqz offers many built-in features that are only available as extensions for other browsers.

In addition, we can recommend the powerful privacy extension Ghostery and the password managers LastPass and Bitwarden which we have thoroughly checked ourselves.

But Cliqz, as a browser manufacturer, has no control over what data installed third-party extensions access. They can always pose certain security and privacy risks and may slow down your browser.

These Browser Add-ons Make Cliqz Even Better

To install an extension in the Cliqz Browser, simply choose it in the Firefox Add-ons Store and click the “Add to Firefox” button.

Last but not least, here are some basic tips for using add-ons:

  1. Keep the list of installed add-ons as short as possible.
  2. Don’t add extensions that you don’t necessarily need or whose developers you don’t trust.
  3. Always pay attention to the requested permissions and, in case of doubt, rather do without a specific add-on.
  4. Regularly remove extensions you no longer use.

By following these tips, you minimize the risk that one of your installed add-ons may slow down your browser or cause other trouble.