Downloading videos to your mobile device via Connect just got easier

We added a new interface with additional features to the Video Downloader built into the Cliqz Browser. You can now choose between different formats  when downloading videos from your desktop to your smartphone or tablet. Establishing a connection between your devices also got a whole lot easier.

New Video Downloader

Björn GreifEditor

[Update from February 21, 2020: The Connect feature has been removed due to performance issues. But we are already working on a better and more stable solution.]

We improved the Video Downloader built into the Cliqz Browser, which allows you to easily download YouTube videos via Connect. Now you can choose between different formats not only when downloading to your computer, but also to a connected mobile device.

If you open a YouTube video in the Cliqz Browser and click on the new Video Downloader icon in the address bar a new dialog opens. In this dialog, you first determine whether you want to download the clip to your computer or to a mobile device connected via Connect. Next, you can specify the desired format and the video resolution for the download. Previously, videos were automatically downloaded to a mobile device at the lowest available resolution. A click on the “Download” button starts the download.

Videos are usually available in container format MP4 with 360p or 720p. The selection can vary from clip to clip, however, depending on the resolution provided by YouTube or the copyright owner of the video. The higher the chosen video resolution, the larger the download file will be. If desired, you can download the audio track of a video and save it as an audio file. This is useful for music clips or concert recordings. Normally the audio-only format is M4A with a bit rate of 128 Kbps.

On Windows, Mac and Android, the downloaded file can be found in the folder specified for downloads in the browser settings. On iOS, the file is automatically saved in the video folder of the Photos app. Please note that downloading via a mobile connection will affect your data volume. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to download longer videos via a Wi-Fi connection. In the general settings of the Cliqz app there is a download option “Limit mobile data usage” which ensures that videos are only downloaded on Wi-Fi. This option is activated by default.

Send open tabs

While your desktop and mobile browsers are connected, you can send websites from your computer to your mobile device. Just right-click on the web page and select “Send Tab to Mobile” from the menu. This will open the page in a new tab on the connected mobile device. The function comes in handy, for example, if you start reading an article at home and want to continue reading it while on the move.

On Android, data exchange also works in the opposite direction: To send a tab opened in the Cliqz app to your desktop browser, just select “Send tab to desktop” in the three-point menu.

Simplified Connect setup

If your smartphone or tablet is not yet connected to your desktop browser, the new Video Downloader dialog will display a download guide for the Cliqz app and a QR code. Thanks to the QR code, you can directly establish a connection without the detour via the browser settings – provided you have installed Cliqz on your computer and mobile device:

  1. Run the Cliqz app, open the triple-dot menu and select “Connect”.
  2. Tap on the plus icon in the lower right corner and scan the QR code.
  3. If the scan was successful, both devices are now connected. The connected state will be displayed on both the desktop and the mobile device.

Connected devices communicate with each other until you remove the connection. So you don’t have to pair them again each time you want to share a website or a YouTube video between devices. However, you should ensure that both devices have access to the internet and the mobile device is active, i.e. not in sleep mode.

Check out the updated Connect settings in your Cliqz Browser to see if it’s currently connected to your mobile device. If this is the case, you’ll also get an overview of the Connect functions available on your mobile device such as download videos, receive tabs and send tabs (only Android). If you have not yet connected your mobile browser to your desktop browser, the features are greyed out.

If your devices are connected, you will see all features available on your mobile device in the Connect settings.
If your devices are connected, you will see all features available on your mobile device in the Connect settings.

No user account required

Unlike synchronization features in other browsers, Connect does not require a user account and data is not routed through a third-party server. Instead, we use a peer-to-peer method. This keeps your privacy and data safe.

Connect and Video Downloader are part of Cliqz for Windows and macOS as well as Cliqz for Android and iOS. [Update 10/15/2019: The video downloader is no longer available in the mobile versions of Cliqz and Connect is no longer available in the iOS app.] You can download the newest desktop versions directly from our website. The mobile versions are available in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.