Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.15.0 (55.0.3+1.19.0)

This release introduces several improvements to our browser. Please find some of the highlights below.

What is new?

Soccer Smart Cliqz. Good news for all soccer fans! For the beginning of the Bundesliga season 2017/18, Cliqz released a new Smart Cliqz for Soccer, which gives you instant live results for the ongoing matches and the results of the past games. Give it a try: type ‘Bundesliga’ in Cliqz Search to get the results table for all the matches, or enter a name of your favorite team to instantly see their results.

What is better?

Update to Firefox 55.0.3. The new Firefox update adds several performance and security improvements to Cliqz. For example, multi-process architecture, also known as Electrolysis, was changed to include multiple web-content processes. This was enabled in Cliqz as a default to ensure faster page loading and more responsive tab switching. For the fine-tuning of your browser performance, you can now adjust the number of processes up or down. This setting is at the bottom of the General section in Options (Learn more).

Cliqz Control Center. With this release, our Control Center got a new color and structure. But even with the new look and feel, the Control Center still gives you quick and easy access to all your privacy settings, search and history options.

Last query function. While searching the Internet via the address bar, Cliqz often keeps the last query you typed right inside the address bar. This allows you to return to your most recent search with just one click onto the query instead of having to re-type it. This “last query” function now has a new design and we’ll continue improving it.

LastPass Update. We updated LastPass, the integrated password management application, to version 4.1.62a.

HTTPS Everywhere Update. For single websites content was blocked by or displayed incorrectly due to the integrated HTTPS Everywhere function. We updated the function to version 2017.8.19, which resolved a list of known issues.

What is fixed?

Queries typed in Forget Mode are shown in History. If users typed a query in a Forget tab or window, the query was shown in the History interface that can be accessed via the history icon on Cliqz Tab. This was resolved.

Our friends at Firefox will roll out a few great changes soon and we will follow suit. Stay tuned and enjoy browsing with Cliqz.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.